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“The programme gave me the solution to the biggest problem I was wrestling with”

Johan Van Meenen was initially sceptical about enrolling on a management programme at Vlerick. Not because he’d already learnt everything there was to know, but because previous courses had taught him too little. Nevertheless he enrolled at Vlerick for the SME Excellence programme. But could this programme fullfil his expectations? 

“I knew the programme was going to be intensive. What surprised me was how much it changes you.”

Dominique Van Den Putte is the owner of the chocolatier and confectioner, Duva Cerisettes & Chocolates. The company produces high-quality chocolate specialities for a niche market. In the past few years, the firm has put considerable effort into process optimisation, leading to rapid growth. This proved to be a turning point. The head of the company now felt that a more strategic perspective was needed, which is why she signed up for Vlerick’s SME Excellence Programme.

Every Module delivered new business insights and enhanced motivation to make things happen.

Developing a medicine to treat a life-threatening disease and bringing it to the market remains the ultimate dream for many scientists. This story became reality for the medicine caplacizumab. Bio-engineer Dr. Tinneke Denayer and her team played a crucial role in this achievement. They developed the caplacizumab medicine to treat patients with the life-threatening blood-clotting disorder aTTP (acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura). This medicine was recently also launched on its first market. To further support her practical experience with the relevant theoretical knowledge, Tinneke took the Executive Development Programme at Vlerick Business School. She finished the programme at the end of last year.

What our alumni say: seven reasons to opt for a long-running Vlerick programme

An intensive, long-running Vlerick programme is about more than simply going through the motions. You want to get something out of it. But what, exactly? What do you ultimately stand to gain? No one knows better than the graduates themselves. During the Graduation Event, most of the 242 attendees had their say. We have distilled their responses into the seven things they valued most about the programmes they have just completed.

The truth about finance

Let’s try to get rid of some common misconceptions regarding finance – many professionals think: a) it’s rocket science, b) it’s the most boring topic ever invented, and c) we don’t need to know or care about it because we’ve got a strong finance department and CFO. 

Vlerick Graduation Day: how to finish your programme in style

Graduation day! Alumni from twelve long-running executive education programmes were awarded their well-earned diplomas with all the sparkle and ceremony you might expect. It was an enjoyable, celebratory occasion to round off their programme. And for many, it was the perfect opportunity to look back over an intensive and sometimes life-changing process.

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