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Five Things You Should Know About our Executive MBA Careers Service

Five Things You Should Know About our Executive MBA Careers Service

Posted by Liesbeth De Baere
on Apr 24, 2019
in MBA, Career, Executive MBA

Liesbeth De Baere, Executive MBA Careers Advisor, shares five (more) reasons why our career services rank among the very best in the world. And why trail-blazing executives from all over the globe are choosing Vlerick to advance their professional and personal growth.

1. Keeping it concrete

The best way to succeed at something is knowing what it is you want to succeed at.
So one of the first things we do when you join the programme is work with you to define your goal in very concrete terms. Whether it’s moving up to the C-Suite or the board, or starting up on your own, we sit down with you and help you figure out exactly what it is that inspires you and why. From there we look at the specific skills and competencies you need to develop and together we build a detailed plan to get you where you want to go. Everything we do is highly tailored and personalised to you and to your concrete goal and plan.

2. Unlocking your inner entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA at Vlerick, and our career services and activities are designed to support you whether you want to create your own business or exploit hot opportunities for growth within an organisation. We do this through a range of things: from special events to topic-specific webinars, coaching, public speaking, distinguished speaker talks with alumni and other successful entrepreneurs, and guided networking opportunities where you can test out your elevator pitch on real-world organisations. We also have a specific series called Vlerick Venture Talks, where you can learn from experienced entrepreneurs. And if you are ready to make the leap, we have a comprehensive support system of business angels, incubators and investors to help you launch at our Pitch@Vlerick event.

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3. Coaching from faculty experts as well as external coaches

Let’s imagine you want to transition to a more senior role in, say, corporate finance. We’ll work with you to precisely pinpoint your goal, and then where appropriate, we’ll connect you to a member of faculty who is expert in the capital structure of organisations, or mergers and acquisitions or funding. It’s one of the really unique things we offer at Vlerick. You will be coached by academic professors who are absolute experts in your domain, as well as professional coaches who work on your leadership, personal development and life-work balance. You’ll also have the support of Executive MBA alumni, who regularly volunteer their time and expertise to help you connect the dots, build your confidence and establish new contacts in your field.

4. Electives for Executive MBA alumni

The learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from the Executive MBA programme. As an alumnus, you’ll have continuing access to lifelong learning talks and coaching. And one of the most valuable resources we offer you is a chance to take an MBA elective course. Electives are continuously updated to reflect the changing needs of real-world business, so you have a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in your area and to build your business network by connecting with current participants. You’ll also take home a Vlerick certificate in your elective subject.

5. Taking it global

Our careers services cover a breadth of roles and sectors as diverse as the Executive MBA cohort itself. We leverage a huge network across faculty, alumni and our extensive partner ecosystem to support you whatever it is that you want to do – and wherever in the world you want to do it. Take the case of two recent graduates, both employees of Lidl, part of the Schwartz Group. Following the Executive MBA, one moved up from e-commerce manager to CFO of Belgium and Luxembourg. The other moved away, transitioning from a marketing executive role in Belgium to Senior Director of Promotions in the US. Our Executive MBA graduates are movers and shakers and many of them use the programme as a platform to take their careers global. And with alumni in 100 countries all over the world, from Zurich to New York, we’re a proactive support community that keeps you connected, wherever you are.

So if you’re thinking about realising an ambition to drive your professional and personal growth, we have the curriculum and the careers support to help you define your goal, build your plan and take your place in the stretch zone where change really happens.

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