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Jorge’s MBA is energising his career prospects

Jorge’s MBA is energising his career prospects

Until last year, Jorge Pancorvo’s professional experience was entirely in consulting. But when he became Head of Marketing at MPSA – an NGO that harvests water from the air to boost the Peruvian water supply – he realised his future lay in the energy sector.

He says: “Working with MPSA made me see the potential of innovative water supply methods. I’ve always been concerned about the environment and my footprint – and this is a way I can help. I’ve always enjoyed consulting, but now I know I want to move into implementation and taking action.

Finding the right path

“My first step was to get the knowledge I needed to go for roles in the clean energy sector. I applied for a Master of Science, but my academic profile wasn’t quite right. I realised I could approach the sector from the business side instead. So I started looking for MBA schools that specialised in energy.

“Of course, Vlerick came up. Energy is a core focus for Vlerick – and I could see from the blogs and research that there was a lot going on that I could learn from and get involved with. I applied to several schools – but Vlerick stood out for me. “ I also saw that Vlerick was ranked highly for entrepreneurship. I’d like to stay in Europe after the MBA and get a job here and build up my experience. But ultimately I want to return to Peru and start my own energy initiative. There’s so much potential there. The entrepreneurship courses Vlerick offers will really help me to prepare for this.”

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Getting the knowledge he needs to pursue his goals

Four months into the MBA programme, Jorge is progressing well towards his chosen career. He says: “My path isn’t completely planned out – but I know the direction I want to take. And I know what I need from Vlerick. First, energy-specific knowledge – from the boot camp, projects and electives. Then I want to build on my capacity to communicate in English in professional environments – it’s important to be able to express myself and my ideas well.”

An MBA is no easy task. Jorge explains: “It has been very demanding. I’m thankful for my business background from university – it helped a lot with some of the core courses. I really enjoyed strategy – it felt familiar from my consulting days. And I also enjoyed operations – great to refresh concepts and knowledge. I’m really looking forward to the energy boot camp and international study trips to Shanghai and Boston.

A chance to get hands-on

Even though the last few months have been packed, Jorge believes the most exciting parts of the MBA journey are still to come. He says: “I can’t wait for the study trips and the in-company project (ICP) and global social project (GSP). I really hope to do both of them within the energy sector. It will be great to get both business and non-profit perspectives.”

Vlerick is known for its hands-on curriculum – and for Jorge, this is a great way to learn. “The ICP and GSP are so valuable because you use the tools the professors have provided you in class. I like this approach – learning by doing. We still have to read a lot though!” Jorge has already recommended the full-time MBA to a friend in Peru. He says: “An MBA is a big investment. But if you’re looking for a career boost, it’s worth it.

“For me, Vlerick just felt right. Sometimes the feeling you get when you explore a school makes the decision for you. I applied to other schools, but they felt cold and distant. Vlerick was the opposite – warm, welcoming, and the team couldn’t do any more to support you. It’s real added value that makes a real difference.”

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