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New leadership trends

There was a time when ‘leader’ meant ‘hero’ – that one person who ran the organisation and who had all the answers. But in today’s turbulent times, leadership is increasingly being understood as a collective responsibility. To survive uncertainty, we cannot sit around to wait for management decisions − we all have to develop a leadership mentality. 


Leuven revisited after 40 years

Earning a Master in Business Administration is a life-changing experience that graduates look back on with fond memories ... even after 40 years! Two of our MBA Alumnae − Isobel Doole (maiden name Carr), from Sheffield, UK, and Leena Suviranta, from Helsinki, Finland – recently visited Leuven, where they started their MBA studies exactly 40 years ago. Here’s what they discovered...

How to sell your idea? Nail your elevator pitch

Go online and google “how to pitch an idea?” − and you’ll find thousands of blog posts on the matter. This shouldn’t be surprising, given that pitching is a relevant skill in any setting where you are trying to close a deal with another person − whether it’s a deal to get money, to get time to work on your project, or even to convince others to join your project (e.g., future employees).

My Vlerick Full-time MBA experience: We can live in a world that we design

We did it! We graduated! And when thinking back to my year at Vlerick, I am happy to say that I witnessed incredible cohorts in terms of generosity, team effort and support. I still remember it as if it was yesterday, when at the beginning of last year I was preparing my Vlerick application and wrote down in my essay:


Defining your Doctorate in business administration Research Idea

Many experienced professionals will seek out an intellectual challenge at some point in their careers. Some choose to return to the world of academia – and if you’re a senior executive, you might decide a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) or Executive PhD is the right next step for you.

White Paper: 4 observations about generation Y

As a people manager, you have to deal with differences between your team members. Some of these differences might be harder to understand than others. What if some of your team members belong to a different (and younger) generation than you do, and you have difficulties trying to understand their values and beliefs? Well, you’re not the only one struggling with this!

Accreditations & rankings

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