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"From a man with a plan to a man with infinite opportunities"

I was a screwdriver. "A man with a plan”, that’s who I was when I applied for the Vlerick Full-Time MBA programme. I had my personal future and career all worked out, including a plan B and yes, even plan C.

The Full-Time MBA participants cross over the border to the Netherlands

You know you're in the Netherlands when you see the open massive wind farms, the extensive network of interconnected canals, traditional architecture along with modern skyscrapers and the busy commercial ports. This is how our company visit to the Netherlands began.

An MBA will prepare Christopher for his next big challenge

Christopher Crede enjoys new challenges. Like many entrepreneurs, he’s had a varied career – from steering his family’s natural oils business to the challenges of managing projects across several regions for Médecins Sans Frontières.  Four years after he started working at the NGO, he decided he was ready for a fresh challenge.

Vincent’s MBA will open the doors to a completely new career

Vincent Bermudez is an IT specialist who’d worked at Chevron for six years – both in his native Manila and the USA. But he had ambitions to work beyond IT and in a more strategic role – either in a corporation or by setting up his own enterprise. So he decided an MBA would give him the skills and insights he needed to take the next step.

Diversity is key to Vlerick Business School’s Executive MBA

Behzad Samii, the director of the Executive MBA at Vlerick Business School in Brussels, tells us what the programme has to offer to potential participants, and to expats in particular.

For Nikky, an MBA is all about strategic thinking from an international perspective

Nikky Adebimpe developed a taste for strategy while she was working in a training & consultancy firm in South Africa. The Nigerian national’s first degree is in accountancy, and she decided to go for an MBA so that she could take on more strategic roles. Enthusiastic to get a deeper international perspective, she was keen to study in Europe.

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