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“If all I had to do now was look after patients, I wouldn't be a happy doctor.”

Paediatrician and paediatric nephrologist An Bael was born and raised in Ghent. However, she found love and her job in Antwerp. After a somewhat unusual career to date, she opted for the Management for Hospital Professionals programme at Vlerick. Her goal as head of department was to gain more insight into the complexity of a hospital environment and the organisation of her own department.

Four key negotiating tips from the medical world, aerospace and politics

Successful negotiation is more than just give-and-take with a healthy dose of haggling. But what exactly are the key rules for a successful negotiation process? What skills make you a good negotiator?

Sofia’s MBA will enable her to make a positive impact

After gaining experience in a variety of roles – including HR for Scotiabank and at Simon Fraser university, in her home country, Canada – Sofia Leposavic decided it was time to upgrade her education. An MBA was something I always had in the back of my mind,” she says. “It’s a way to get into the roles I always saw myself in.”

"You learn so much more than the hard skills you wanted to acquire."

In September, Olivier Vanden Eynde is shifting his centre of gravity from EU to Kenya. A new milestone for his international non-profit Close the Gap. In preparation for this step, the social entrepreneur wanted to familiarise himself with the world of corporate finance. That's why he joined Vlerick's Executive Master Class in Corporate Finance.

buy your own company conference  2019

On 21 February 2019, it was again time for the seventh edition of the Buy your own company conference from Vlerick Business School. Over 200 participants subscribed to the event with a full day of interesting topics on the schedule. Since I was the brand ambassador for the Masters in General Management from Leuven, I had the chance to go the event as Vlerick’s blogger together with some fellow students from the Innovation & Entrepreneurship master.

Fifteen years of Executive Master Classes in B2B Marketing & Sales in three inspiring in-company projects

Alumni of the recent Executive Master Class in B2B Marketing & Sales met up again at the first homecoming event on 31 January. Three executive education participants from the recent Executive Master Class presented their in-company projects. We were treated to three stories about blood, energy and sensors. Above all, they offered us new insight and tools for giving your marketing and sales approach an unprecedented boost.

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