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Rabobank, een reis in leiderschapstransformatie

Het afgelopen decennium veranderde het banklandschap ingrijpend: andere klantbenadering, andere verwachtingen, andere manier van werken. En logischerwijze dus ook: andere leiders. Twee jaar geleden besloot Rabobank om haar klassieke benadering van talentprogramma’s te verlaten. De uitkomst? Een experimentele leiderschapsjourney, ontwikkeld in samenwerking met Vlerick. 

Rabobank: a Leadership Transformation Journey

Over the past decade, the banking landscape has undergone radical changes: different customer approaches, different expectations, different working methods. And logically, that also means different leaders. Two years ago, Rabobank decided to abandon its classic approach to talent programmes. The result? An experimental leadership journey, developed in collaboration with Vlerick. 

Zeshan is a people person with direction and ambition

When he started his full-time MBA at Vlerick, Zeshan Bhatti wasn’t sure where he wanted his career to go. Just over a year later – with a prestigious MBA under his belt – he has both direction and confidence.

Carlos’ MBA will help him become a decision maker

Civil engineer Carlos Ramírez loved working in real estate development. But he lacked the business knowledge he needed to move up in his role – so he started to think about developing his skills further. He made the move to Brussels and is now enrolled on the full-time MBA programme at Vlerick.

Bringing your family on your MBA journey: What you need to know

Deciding to join a full-time MBA programme is a big decision. And choosing whether to bring your family along with you or not is even bigger But if you plan well in advance, all the challenges are worthwhile.

Cedric’s MBA is helping him focus on his future

Cedric Janson’s career in hospitality has taken him to Switzerland, Dubai, Paris, London and Malta. But when he started to progress into management roles, he knew he needed to widen his business horizons too. He’s now several months into the full-time MBA at Vlerick.

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