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Javier Garcia's story: from architect to contracts management

Javier Garcia started his professional life as an architect in his native city of Madrid. Then the lure of travel – and his natural aptitude for detail – drew him to the role of cost controller for a large infrastructure company.

My full-time MBA journey – the ride so far

When I told my close friends, I had gained admission into a well-known business school in Belgium, I got the crazy eyes stare. Why are you accepting an offer for an MBA programme in this pandemic? Can you even travel? Will you be able to truly experience what an MBA programme has to offer if you do it online? These questions and many others were thrown back at me in the moment where I only expected "Congratulations Del! This is great news!". Evidently these questions got me thinking, do I really want to do my MBA now?

Hanna Mustonen's story: From pharmacist to future operations leader

Growing up in Finland, Hanna Mustonen wasn’t sure what she wanted to be. Her  mum ran a pharmacy, so when the time came for her to select a degree subject, the sciences seemed a natural choice.

Sofia Leposavic's story: From graduate program officer to global project manager

Sofia Leposavic was helping university students to achieve their dreams – and then she decided she’d like to fulfil more of her own.

Valérie De Clerck's story: From veterinarian to entrepreneur

Valérie De Clerck’s varied career has taken her from veterinarian at an equine hospital to scientific researcher at a fertility start-up – then to scientific communication advisor at a pet food company. Then she decided it was time to develop her skills further.

From sales to leading a global team

Andres Reyes says sales is his calling. But after 10 years as a salesman in his native Colombia, he’d come to a point where he felt a bit stuck.

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