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Vlerick Blog

The MBA means a new challenge, new culture and a new life for Haruhiko

For brand and marketing specialist Haruhiko Sano, a holiday in Belgium made him start seeing the future in a different way.  “I fell in love with it,” he says, “And I began to think – could it be possible to live in a country like this?”  

Before my MBA, I never thought finance would be so interesting

When Natasa Zivanovic’s role as a supply chain consultant took her from Atlanta, Georgia to Antwerp, she fell in love with Europe. But after almost two years at her company’s Netherlands office, she realised she was at a career crossroads.

An MBA to switch from banking to aviation

Anca Vasilescu’s background may be in banking – but her passion is aviation. So to get her career to soar, she has started a full-time MBA with Vlerick.

My Full-Time MBA adventure at Vlerick

"Congratulations from the Full-time MBA team! We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to our Full-time MBA 2017-2018. Welcome to Vlerick Business School!" The ecstasy of reading these lines to realizing the beginning of the MBA journey, I could already see my voyage steering towards an international career.  Preparations begin, VISA done, tickets booked and there I fly.

Accreditations & rankings

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