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Vlerick Graduation Day: how to finish your programme in style

Graduation day! Alumni from twelve long-running executive education programmes were awarded their well-earned diplomas with all the sparkle and ceremony you might expect. It was an enjoyable, celebratory occasion to round off their programme. And for many, it was the perfect opportunity to look back over an intensive and sometimes life-changing process.

On the virtues of making a virtual team a real team

Working within virtual teams is a ubiquitous reality for most organisations today. However, when people think of virtual teams, they think of everything that can go wrong and fear the disadvantages of working this way instead of looking at its potential.

Make 2019 your time to shine!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year. It’s a blank page, an opportunity to try something new – a time to start making your dreams a reality. Our Executive MBA participants want to share their own wishes for the new year with you:

Vlerick Venture Talks: The Start-up Life Demystified

"Vlerick has a recognized reputation for entrepreneurship and innovation with its Full-Time MBA programme ranked 9th in the world by Financial Times for its focus on entrepreneurship. To be honest, in the first few weeks of starting my MBA I thought this was just one more empty boast that business schools put on their brochures rather than a real commitment to fostering entrepreneurship. This is perhaps to be expected as the first few weeks of the MBA are an intense and challenging experience meant to equip students from diverse background with the tools they will use throughout the course, such as my personal bête noire; Taking Sound Business Decisions. However, as the weeks rolled by, opportunities to participate in various events around the school started to open up, it became apparent that this is a school deeply committed to nurturing entrepreneurs and innovation.

How leaders can stay on top

How do you get the diversity within a team to flourish? And how do you, as a coach, win as much influence as possible within your organisation? The boundaries of an organisation are becoming less distinct: today’s companies are looking for collaboration and win-win formulas with competitors, customers and suppliers. To maintain a competitive advantage, a balanced relationship is needed with as many stakeholders as possible.

Managing virtual teams. Some key principles.

Our way of working has changed: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - that’s the world we’re all working in. We get out of bed, check our emails, grab breakfast and get in the car. Then we spend an hour or two in traffic before we finally arrive at our workplace. But we don’t give ourselves a chance of handling it if we simply sit behind a desk from 9-5. Instead, we work from anywhere at any time. But in a world where a lot of what we do is not tied to a specific place, does this make sense anymore?

Accreditations & rankings

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