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Vlerick Venture Talks: The Start-up Life Demystified

"Vlerick has a recognized reputation for entrepreneurship and innovation with its Full-Time MBA programme ranked 9th in the world by Financial Times for its focus on entrepreneurship. To be honest, in the first few weeks of starting my MBA I thought this was just one more empty boast that business schools put on their brochures rather than a real commitment to fostering entrepreneurship. This is perhaps to be expected as the first few weeks of the MBA are an intense and challenging experience meant to equip students from diverse background with the tools they will use throughout the course, such as my personal bête noire; Taking Sound Business Decisions. However, as the weeks rolled by, opportunities to participate in various events around the school started to open up, it became apparent that this is a school deeply committed to nurturing entrepreneurs and innovation.

My Vlerick Full-time MBA experience: We can live in a world that we design

We did it! We graduated! And when thinking back to my year at Vlerick, I am happy to say that I witnessed incredible cohorts in terms of generosity, team effort and support. I still remember it as if it was yesterday, when at the beginning of last year I was preparing my Vlerick application and wrote down in my essay:

Vlerick’s MBA is about understanding business around the globe: we went to Dublin!

We’re halfway into the Full-Time MBA at Vlerick! It was time for a week-long elective on digital leadership – a hot topic in the business world at the moment. Exciting, right? Well that’s not all of it. More interestingly, the elective was in Dublin, Ireland – one of the most promising digital hubs of the world with a growing technology workforce and a global outlook.

For Karolien, her MBA is all about the active, positive environment

Karolien Van Cauter had always been active in the field of project management. But after seven years in construction and consulting, she realised her interests and aspirations lay in more strategic areas of business. But before she could move there, she wanted to develop her skills and knowledge.

"From a man with a plan to a man with infinite opportunities"

I was a screwdriver. "A man with a plan”, that’s who I was when I applied for the Vlerick Full-Time MBA programme. I had my personal future and career all worked out, including a plan B and yes, even plan C.

The Full-Time MBA participants cross over the border to the Netherlands

You know you're in the Netherlands when you see the open massive wind farms, the extensive network of interconnected canals, traditional architecture along with modern skyscrapers and the busy commercial ports. This is how our company visit to the Netherlands began.

Accreditations & rankings

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